Proximate Assistive Technology - An Electronic Perspective

Assistive technology is not a new concept in healthcare; video monitoring, remote health monitoring, electronic sensors and equipment such as fall detectors, door monitors, bed alerts, pressure mats and heat alarms are all associated measures that have helped pave the way to targeted health care solutions like Proximate.

Proxi-Mate Pro

The most recent addition to the range. Proxi-Mate Pro is specifically designed to meet the needs of a busy Acute or Sub Acute Rehabilitation Unit.

All- round use for monitoring residents in aged care facilities, neurologically compromised patients in acute care, and people affected by dementia and other conditions, in their own homes. Can operate wireless.

The system runs on it's own rechargeable batteries so it's not tied to any location. It will 'talk' to upto 8 different pagers and the 16 character message can be set to read whatever is needed.

The system records the last 4000 events, including time and date events occur*

Click to view the user manual for full specifications and further information.

* 100 events viewable on screen, full log can be downloaded to a USB drive via the Proxi-Log device (currently under development)

Proxi-Mate Nurse Call


The tough, die cast aluminium interface unit is designed to plug into most existing nurse call systems commonly in use today. The units are ideal for the Nursing Home environment where simplicity can make the difference,

A simple 'built in' configuration tools allows the system to connect to almost any installed nurse call system.

Where complex systems are installed a range of adaptors is available from your supplier.

When used in this way, the Proxi-Mate unit supliments your existing nurse call pendant. The sensor activates the system just as if the resident had pressed the call bell themselves.

Bed and Chair Sensor

However good the control system, the heart of any falls monitoring system is the sensor used to monitor the patient / resident. Traditional sensors are essentially simple pressure switches made from 2 sheets of metal foil separated by a thin sheet of foam. These sensors can be very unreliable and tend to have a very short life. They are often sold as a 'consumable item' - lasting anything from a few weeks to a few months and are often listed as 'single patient use'. This can make cost of ownership a major issue.

Proximate sensors don't use a pressure switch - they are 'solid state' sensors with no moving parts. They detect tiny changes in the electrical field surrounding the individual being monitored. This sort of proximity sensing is much more reliable and and for this reason, all Proximate sensors come with a full 2 year guarantee. The seams are also fully RF welded which means the sensors can safely be used with multiple patients.

(Note: Please see the Proxi-Mate cleaning protocol)

Other Sensors

Not all situations call for a bed / chair sensor. In some cases it may be better to connect a Proxi-Mate Infrared movement sensor or a Proxi-Mate Door sensor. These devices allow for a range of special circumstances - please email or call for details if you need assistance with deciding which sensor suits your situation.

We are happy to discuss setting up a trial installation at your facility.


Both the Proxi-Pro Wireless and Nurse Call systems record the date and time of each event as it occurs. The previous 100 events can be easily viewed directly on the devices' LCD screen and, while this is useful for a quick check of when things happened, it is difficult to form an overall picture when transcribing this data into a more readable format. The Proxi-Logger combines an adapter used to download the full data log (4000 events) to a standard USB Flash drive, with the Proxi-Mate Report generator. The Report system formats all the log data into a variety of pre-defined reports, allows the user to scroll through each entry and to print documentation that can be used to support falls prevention or quality assurance activities. The data can also be used as part of a baseline assessment to determine when care staff intervention would be most effective. 

The data recorded in the Proxi-Mate system, combined with standard incident reporting can be used to keep accurate records of the ratio of risk to falls. Every Proxi-Mate alarm that is not associated with a fall is effectively a 'near miss'. and reporting of such incidents underpins modern activity based funding models.

To find out more contact us.


The Proxi-Lite system is designed to meet the needs of home based carers. The system operates on the same principle as the Pro system. The user carries a 'beeper' that will alert them when the monitored individual attempts to mobilise unsupervised.

This means the carer no longer has to be in the same room at all times, they can sleep soundly knowing they will be woken if needed and can even be next door chatting to the neighbours (providing they are within range). The Proxi-Lite is expected to be available late 2014.



Proxi-Mate control units are fitted with strong neodymium mounting magnets and a steel mounting bracket. Any number of mounting brackets can be fixed to the wall and the unit can very easily be moved from one to the next. There are a number of benefits to using this system, not least of which is that the unit can be kept out of the way. In addition, should someone pull on the cables then the unit will come away from the wall, protecting both the unit and the wall itself.


The Fully powder coated basket can be used to mount the Proxi-Mate control unit on the head or foot board of a bed, even on the towel rail on a bedside cabinet.


In some cases, rather than having an individual carry a pager it may be best to use a wall or desk mounted enunciator. This device effectively works like a large pager which can be seen by everyone. In other cases it may be best to use both - easy to do with the Proxi-Mate Pro.

Proxi-Mate. Helps you deliver the best possible care.
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