Proxi-Mate falls preventions

With an ageing population comes an increasing pressure on health service providers and family members alike. Fall- related injuries are common and costly, not to mention distressing for people ‘at risk’ in the community. Constantly worrying about the risk of a fall, often, needing to remain in the same room for long periods can be highly stressful and very tiring. Proxi-Mate removes much of this stress simply by quietly and discreetly ‘keeping an eye’ on those at risk and notifying you when they begin to mobilise. Not waiting for them to stand or actually get out of bed, Proxi-Mate give you the very best chance of being there to help just when you are needed.

Over the past 5 years many leading institutions in both aged and acute hospital care Australia- wide have adopted Proxi-Mate as an integral component of their falls prevention strategy. Unlike older systems, Proxi-Mate uses ‘state of the art’ electronic sensors designed to withstand the rigors of hospital use. Sensors are guaranteed for 2 years and many are still in use more than 5 years since they were introduced. The growing Proxi-mate product range is taking advantage of emerging technology and focuses on how best to help with the demands of caring for a loved one at home.

So how does it work?

Proxi-mate is an electronic monitoring system that can be used as part of a falls prevention strategy in peoples own homes. It is small and unobtrusive and works like a pager system that allows carers to relax, knowing that should the person being monitored try to stand or get out of bed, they will be notified at the earliest sign of trouble. A thin, unobtrusive sensor mat is placed on the mattress or chair of the person ‘at risk’. If there is significant movement then the carer will be quickly notified by a wireless radio alarm. This approach forms part of a range of strategies designed to reduce the risk of falls. Environmental conditions, such as lighting and well fitted shoes along with appropriate exercise and nutrition are all important. When used together the unfortunate consequences of a fall can be significantly reduced.

Proxi-Mate has been an increasingly accepted part of Hospital Falls prevention strategies over the last 5 years, this success has driven a desire to offer the same benefits right in the home of those at risk – why wait for a fall to take someone to hospital if there is a way to prevent the fall in the first place?

Proxi-mate is a leading solution for healthcare providers in falls prevention and is an important addition to the future of falls prevention strategy in the community. Rethink home health care with the addition of Proxi-mate to your home care situation and know you have a well- designed safety measure in place for loved ones. The product is readily available for your immediate use.

Maintain independence at home.

Rest easy at night with the knowledge there will be instant notification, for those required to assist with health care at home. Proxi-mate also means carer’s might move about the house, potter in the garden or visit a neighbour within close range* without the anxiety and need for constant supervision. It is a simple and important step forward in the management of fall prevention in home care situations for the future.